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As the Internet continues to grow at an incredible rate, more and more people use the Internet as their first source for finding what they are looking for.

Strong website development is critical!

At Business MD, we believe your website should catch the eye of the visitor, while at the same time deliver a clear and concise description of your product or services.

We offer design, development, hosting, domain registration, custom HTML and CSS coding and SEO techniques to provide you with a successful and custom site.


To inquire how we may be of service to you and your business!



Irene Haws, Lead Website Designer
Marketing and Advertising Consultant
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Science in Commercial Graphics & Print Technology
 Working in the Industry since 1987

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Tallbirdy.com is where you can find our web design portfolio and the products that we offer.

Tallbirdy.net is our do it yourself center for website design and other related web tools.
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Email Service
Why is it that you can never reach a real person to get assistance with your free email service? Why can't I keep my same email address when I change internet provider? What am I hearing about the free email companies are reading or scanning ALL of my emails?...are my personal email messages really private conversations? We can solve all of these problems by getting you signed up for your own email service with a domain name with us. We offer 24/7/365 customer support--based here in the United States! Your emails won't be scanned for marketing or any other reason. You can keep your email address for as long as you want to if you register a domain name for it and keep it current. Check out the details here.

Exchange Mail
Would you like to increase the security of your email? Are you tired of your email and contacts  on your phone and that on your computer not synchronizing correctly or at all? Would you like to be able to access the same Microsoft Outlook you use on your desktop computer at work on your laptop or anywhere there is internet? Check our our Microsoft Exchange Email service at our service website here.

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